Mark Bell Sling Shot

If you're serious about your lifting in the gym, you know all about Mark Bell and the Sling Shot brand he's created.

This is a brand of lifting accessories developed by/for some of the most elite lifters on the planet.

One of the standout items in the Sling Shot product range is the Gangsta Wraps.

These are an ultra-tough wrist wrap designed for maximum strength. The wrists are quite a complex and fragile joint so can often suffer pain in movements such as pressing and squatting. Using a wrist wrap provides great wrist support and also a mild amount of compression to keep the joint tight and safe.

If you push it hard in the gym and demand the most out of your body then this is the brand for you.

It's been used by some of the strongest lifters in the game so you know it's built to the highest standards.

Mark Bell has become known as the peoples coach and these pieces have helped thousands of lifters break records,stay safe and make better progress in the gym.

For some great advice & training motivation be sure to check out Mark's Youtube channel.

At present the Sling Shot product range includes:

Stay safe in the gym and push yourself harder knowing you have the support you need to progress faster.

We're big fans of Mark Bell and all he has done for the fitness/powerlifting community.

The Original Slingshot was the product that started the brand but this has evolved into a comprehensive lifting movement.

These items are not made just for the elite lifters. They can be used at any age/experience level. Bench pressing can cause some issues if not implemented properly.

The advantage of this device if the way that it de-loads the shoulders in the bottom portion of the movement where you are weakest/most compromised.

You'll also be able to add some weight/reps to the bar for a great overload training tool.

If you like some more personalised on the best product/size for your particular training needs please feel free to get in touch anytime. Our team will be more than happy to help ensure you get the most suitable item for your training program.

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