Mars Protein Bar

You might have seen some delicious looking images of a Mars Protein bar floating around social media platforms in recent weeks.

Well wonder no more these amazing muscle building treats are coming to Spartansuppz!

Marc Inc have released three delicious flavour options:

Mars Protein Bars

Snickers Protein Bars

Bounty Protein Bars

We're picking up the whole range and bringing them to both and Spartansuppz retail stores.

Who doesn't love a Mars chocolate bar? Well now you can have you bar and eat it too without the guilt of packing in a ton of calories and sugar.

These bars pack 19gm of protein per bar and only 200 calories.

They'll be available as a single bar and box quantity option (18 bars per box).

Protein bars have been thought of being hard,dry and not exactly tasty.

Well these Mars Protein bar varieties are here to stamp that out!

Soft,chewy and full of muscle building goodness this is a protein snack you'll actually look forward to eating.

Throw one in your gym bag,in the car and have one in your office desk to ensure you stay on point eating towards you macronutrient goals.

These things will fly out the door when they drop so be ready.

Check them out here.

View our complete range of Protein Snacks & Bars.

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