Max's & Maxine's 2016 Challenge

Max's for men and Maxine's challenge for females, is a life changing 12 week body transformation program.

It is designed get you the results you are after... whether it be, toning up, losing weight or gaining muscle. Unlike any other diet or fad program you have tried before, if followed with dedication and commitment, it is certain you will have a total body transformation.


No need to fear! If you are new to the gym or taking on a strict diet regime for the first time, you won't feel lost. You will be supported with 24/7 support from qualified training and nutrition Coaches. You will also be able to access online forums with input from other challengers, post online yourself and be able to seek plenty of tips and advice. It is hoped, that any questions you have will be responded to within 24 hours.


The exercise training program you will follow will incorporate both weights and cardio. Since the challenge is 12 weeks, it will be divided into 3 phases... each 4 weeks your challenge will increase progressively.

The challenge will also provide options for in gym circuits as well as home. It tries to caters for all people, all lifestyles and schedules. It will also encourage you throughout the program on tips, habits to keep you going after the program and not fall off track.


The nutrition plans provided to be formulated to achieve results, be easy to follow and aimed to not leave you feeling hungry at the end of the day. Each week you will be given a shopping list to be able to prep you meals in advance if desired. You will receive a different eating plan each phase.

The nutrition will provide contestants with the tools, knowledge, information to help education you with clean eating habits during and how to remain dedicated after you have completed challenge. Don't be afraid of the same repetitive meals... there will other options, variations you may choose from the guidelines.

Professional Help

Throughout the Challenge, the Coaches provide numerous articles on a variety of topics to help keep Challengers motivated and on track. These vary from issues that Challengers may be struggling with at certain times, to tips and tricks on how to get the most out of training and nutrition. There are also weekly video messages from the Coaches to keep Challengers inspired and going strong from week to week. In particular, Mind Coach Craig Harper who has 30 years’ experience working with bodies, posts regular messages and videos on the mental, psychological, and emotional factors of change. Craig knows that a large and important part of a successful transformation is mindset. So he provides regular inspiring, motivational, informative and educational information to help get Challengers’ head and heart where they need to be to make the physical transformation a healthy, productive and permanent process.


As mentioned, the challenge will provide you with 24/7 access and support from professional coaches and other challengers to ensure you keep motived and on track.

You will have educational, motivational, informative topic categories such mental, psychological and emotional factors of change. Mindset and keeping it crucial in a challenge such as this where there will be strict guidelines and some sacrifices to get you to where you want to be.


There are several to choose from depending on how much support, products, access you would like. From there you will also be able to to choose the best plan for you...whether you want to lean up, gain muscle or size, tone and shape.. all options are there.


As part of the Max's or Maxine's challenge you will be required to use their supplement products. We stock a variety and can help supply you during your challenge...

For Her: Maxine's

For Him: Max's

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