Mike Pearson’s Road to the NABBA/WFF UNIVERSE | 16 weeks out

Spartansuppz.com checks in with 2014 Junior Mr.Universe and Cyborg Sport sponsored athlete Mike Pearson as he starts his preparations to defend his junior title in June and be the first junior to win the title twice. This is the first video in the series with Mike as he sets out on his 16 week long journey to becoming 2x Mr Universe.

This week Mike goes in depth on what methods he incorporates into his training to set him apart from his competition and explains the importance of training hard and ensuring that he’s putting in more work than his competitors so that he can achieve his goal.

Furthermore Mike gives us an insight into how he has managed to overcome his struggles with back injuries in the off season which almost cost him his chance at competing in the 2015 competitive season. Moreover he reveals why it’s not always just the physical influences that can impact on your goals but how the negative mentality associated with not training can impact heavily upon your physical state, Mike reveals how he channeled his negative mindset to become super motivated to achieve his onstage goals for 2015.

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