Mobility For Performance

Is your strength progression stalling? The answer to your dilemma may be simpler than you thought, in many cases stalling on progression in lifts such as deadlifts and squats can be cause by a lack of mobility rather than a lack of strength, so in order to blast through your plateaus here’s a full run down on all things you need to know about mobility training:

Mobility is essentially the ability to move a joint through an appropriate functional range of motion, an increase in functional mobility can result in increased flexibility, increased range of motion, increased explosiveness as well as reducing your risk of injury.

If you’re looking to increase your joint mobility you’re going to have to do more than just the regular rotator cuff training prior to benching, if you want increased strength then make your mobility work functional for the desired lift.

Heres a video from Eric Cressey explaining some simple yet effective mobility drills that everyone should implement into their training regime to increase their performance.

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