Mr Olympia 2015 Pre-Judging Photos

Mr Olympia 2015 Pre-Judging is all wrapped up with a very competitive line-up.

Mens Bodybuilding: Open

Mens bodybuilding was said to locked down by Phil Heath with Kai Greene out of the show.

However the line-up looks very strong with the top4 all very closely match and in great condition.

Mr Olympia 2015 Pre-Judging Top 4

Phil Heath looks to be in 1st place at this stage but the top 4 is looking very strong.

Shawn Rhoden has brought size,great conditioning and his signature tiny waist.

He holds his own very well alongside Phil Heath and could be a contender for the win.

Dennis Wolf looks to have brought his best package to date. He has an amazing stage presence and really stands out on stage.

Great condition,huge X frame and looking very dominant in all poses.

Dexter Jackson is also looking his best ever. Looks bigger than ever but still holding that shredded condition and tiny waist.

At 45 years old he is by far the oldest in the Mr Olympia line-up but he’s certainly proving age is no barrier.

A noticeable commission from the competitors is Kai Greene. Controversy still circles around what happened with Kai and the Mr Olympia 2015 but nothing has been officially released as yet.

Mr Olympia 2015 Pre-Judging is done for today with mens finals to take place tomorrow.

Who’s your pick for the winner this year?

Credit to Muscular Development for the article images.

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