Mr Olympia Athlete Profile: Josh Lenartowicz

The 2016 Olympia is just around the corner from September 15-18th!

As all the competitors get towards the end of their prep, the team from Spartansuppz have put together profiles on some of the featured athletes.

Mr Olympia Athlete Profile: Josh Lenartowicz

Spartansuppz Place Prediction #9


Josh 'King of The Gym' Lenartowicz








315lb off-season - 260lb on-stage.

Turned Pro:



  • Dohertys Gym
  • Muscle Meals

Major Titles Won:

  • 2015 IFBB San Marino Pro.

  • 2015 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy.

Training Split

Day 1: Back

Day 2: Chest

Day 3: Hamstrings and calves

Day 4: Shoulders and traps

Day 5: Arms

Day 6: Quads and calves

Day 7: OFF

Mr Olympia Athlete Profile: Josh Lenartowicz

Until 2015, Josh Lenartowicz was a relatively unknown name in bodybuilding outside of Australia. That was until Josh burst onto the scene in a BIG way.

Flying under the radar to take first place in his first two international IFBB competitions, against some big IFBB names and Olympia athletes.

Within a month the bodybuilding scene certainly knew the the Australian Josh Lenartowicz very well, as he qualified for the biggest stage of them all, the 2016 Olympia.

The big question still remains however, how can Josh compare to the biggest names in the sport like Phil Heath? Only time will tell, but the Spartansuppz team are tipping him to place Top 10 for sure.

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