Mr Olympia Athlete Profile: Kevin Levrone

The 2016 Olympia is just around the corner from September 15-18th!

As all the competitors get towards the end of their prep, the team from Spartansuppz have put together profiles on some of the featured athletes.

Mr Olympia Athlete Profile: Kevin Levrone

Spartansuppz Place Prediction 14th


Kevin Levrone








240lb on-stage

Turned Pro:



Kevin Levrone Signature Series

Major Titles Won:

  • 1991 NPC Nationals
  • 13 IFBB Grand Prix Titles.
  • 1994/96 Arnold Classic.

Kevin Levrone is arguably the most successful IFBB Pro to have never won an Olympia title. And at the ripe age of 51 he makes a return to the biggest stage of them all for one last attempt.

The return of Kevin Levrone has without doubt been the biggest news in bodybuilding to drop so far this year. After 'retiring' from the sport in 2003 Kevin left the sport of bodybuilding for some years. With that he understandably lost some significant mass.

However in the last few years since picking the iron back up, he has made some incredible changes. Showing the world why he is one of the greatest pro bodybuilders in history. However, after such a long layoff how can Kevin stack up against hte big names of the modern era such as Phil Heath or Big Ramy?

Whats your rake on Kevin Levrone's return to the sport? Let us know in the comments below.

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