Mr Olympia Athlete Profile: Phil Heath

The 2016 Olympia is just around the corner from September 15-18th!

As all the competitors get towards the end of their prep, the team from Spartansuppz have put together profiles on some of the featured athletes.

Mr Olympia Athlete Profile: Phil Heath

Spartansuppz Place Prediction #1


Phil 'The Gift' Heath








250lb on-stage - 280lb off-season

Turned Pro:



Ultimate Nutrition

Major Titles Won:

  • 5x Olympia Titles.

  • 1x Arnold Classic Titles.

  • 2x Sheru Classic Titles.


  • Arms: 23"

  • Legs: 32"

  • Calves: 20"

  • Neck: 18.5"

  • Waist: 29"

Phil Heath is arguable the most well known name in bodybuilding for the modern era. After claiming the last five Sandow trophies the big question of 2016 is whether he can make it six in a row.

If Phil claims his sixth title he will most certainly go down as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, as he closes in on Ronnie Coleman's 8 title reign.

However winning won't come easy for Phil, with competition heating up for placings through the likes of Big Ramy, Dexter Jackson and Cedric McMillan all looking the goods coming into the final weeks of their prep.

Check our Phil's routine from the 2015 Olympia Below:

Mr Olympia Athlete Profile: Phil Heath

What are your thoughts? Do you think Phil can make it six in a row? Who do you think can possibly beat him this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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