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Drop Factor Review

Had a ton of work to do on a fine Sunday afternoon and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to road test the new MTS Drop Factor powder.
This did not dissapoint! Energy was strong but clean,focus was off the charts and 3 hours later I’m still humming along productive as anything. I personally LOVE me a good raspberry lemonade flavour and this was damn delicious! Not sickly sweet at all and even in a litre of water is was still very refreshing and enjoyable to drink.

This would have to be the strongest thermogenic supplement I have ever tried and I am thoroughly impressed with this.

Alot of people thought we Aussies would get a watered down version of the US Drop Factor capsules from MTS-hell no!

This stuff is no joke and you will be hard pressed to fine anything stronger than this anywhere in the world. Thermogenic effect is very strong and even 3-4 hours after taking it I’m still feeling mighty warm on this cool spring evening.

If you like a fat burner that will give you a strong energy kick while priming your body to shred body fat then I’d highly recommend checking out this great product from MTS.

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