Muscle Building

Along with many other things such as metabolism, energy, body shapes etc. unfortunately muscle declines with age.

So can you build muscle over just say 40? Simply, the answer is YES!

Although this is possible, you must come to realisation, you will need to take a different approach that when you peaked at your youth.

The following article will give you advice and suggestion to reach that more muscular physique you have been dreaming of despite your age.


As we get older, our bodies are a little more fragile and prone to injury. It is important to keep the following in mind to ensure you stay safe and free of harm.

Warm up!!

Always warm up before a training session. It will help your muscles get switched on, your mind focused, loosen up your joints and increase your core temperature. Increasing your body temperature will increase your blood flow and give you better pumps throughout your work out.

Sets & Reps

We recommend keeping your sets moderate range of 8-12 reps for upper body and 12-20 for lower body exercises.

Keep your weight limit lower than what you used too. Lifting heavy will only pit stress on your joints and ligaments potentially causing yourself damage. Keep weights low and aiming for moderate reps will stimulate muscles enough for new growth.

Machines & Free Weights

When we are younger, we have a lot more movement and stability. This is where you may decide if free weights still work well for you at your older age. If you are experiencing difficulty, you may like to opt for weight machines as they will act as a stabiliser. Using a weight machine lowers the risk of injury as it will protect your ligaments and tendons more than free weight. However, it is up to you and whether you would like to use a combination of both methods or stick to one that feels more safe and comfortable.

P is for Posture

Let us tell you now... posture is key! It is important to keep your posture in check as you want to ensure no injury e.g. rotator cuff injuries are a common injury due to incorrect lifting posture. Ensure you shoulders are not rolled over and you back is not hunched. It might be wise to drop the weights too. If you are lifting more than you are capable of, you posture may be slouching over and causing yourself unnecessary strain.

Rest Up!

As you age, recovery time becomes more crucial. This also means maybe maybe only working out several times a week opposed to your younger years of every day.


Cardio will help for 2 reasons...

Cardiovascular Health

It is important to keep your heart health as fit as possible. Ensuring this will keep your cardiovascular system strong and help you live a longer and more fruitful life.

Fat Loss

As mentioned, metabolism declines with age. Regular cardio sessions will keep your body fat in check as when performed, you burn fat instantly.

We suggest sticking to 3-4 sessions of cardio per week. Keep it at a low intensity (avoid running as we want to keep safe and protect our joints) and perform for 20-30 minutes.


As mentioned, metabolism is another factor that unfortunately slows down with age. As we age we do need to be more calorie conscience and weary of consuming extra carbs. At an older age the goal is gain muscle and avoidi fat gain. To do this, you will need take your portion control seriously and eat in a slight calorie deficit.

We suggest you also be aware of your cholesterol levels and intake. Ensure you are eating many rich healthy fats. Also ensure you are eating plenty of protein and getting adequate fibre intake.


Never say never. Anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it. Hopefully the following article helped motivate and encouraged you to not give up and give a different approach a try!


The following are supplements we suggest adding to your diet to ensure you recover well and maintain your overall general health and wellbeing.

Protein Powder

We reccomend you supplement a Protein Powder into your diet. Protein will assist with recovery, muscle maintenance, protein synthesis and muscle growth. Spartansuppz have a wide variety of Protein Powders to suit your needs!


Branch Chain Amino Acids will keep you hydrate, aid in muscle maintenance, recovery and many health benefits!

Our top BCAA's are...


Glutamine is a general health and well being supplement. It will also assist greatly with recovery and improve and aid in gut health!

Joint Formula

It is very important to protect your joints as you age and ensure they keep in tact to prevent injury. It is important you have rich healthy fats included in your diet to assist with lubrication in the joints. It is highly recommended you supplement a joint formula into your diet to assist in ligament and join maintenance.

Test Booster

As you age, testosterone levels decline. You may like to supplement a Testosterone booster into your diet to assist in keeping levels maintain, improve mood, libido levels and provide extra strength in the gym.

Multi vitamin

Taking a multi vitamin is highly recommended to give you that extra boost and ensure you are getting extra vitamin and mineral intake.

Greens Formula

A greens formula is a great and easy way to get some extra vitamins, minerals, fruit and vegetables in your diet.

Greens are a supplement which you may not notice direct benefits or performance. However, it will boost general health, wellbeing, healthy digestive tract and help overall body functioning.

Vitamin C

This is a very high quality Vitamin C supplement. As we have stated, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is crucial for many bodily functions and general health.

Vitamin D

Now Foods is a very high dosed (a whopping 5000 IU) Vitamin D supplement. Containing Vitamin D through food can be done, but does not provide large or enough amounts to keep the body healthily functioning.

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