Myoblox Loco review

What is Loco 7.0 by Myoblox? 

Loco 7.0 by Myoblox is a massive energy pre-workout product which fuels intense training and incredible athletic results.

Containing a huge 400mg of caffeine per serve, Loco 7.0 is not for the faint of heart (or sensitive of stomach) - it’s built for focused athletes who are searching for this new level of performance.
Pumping you up as you walk through the gym doors, Loco 7.0 enables incredible endurance and ultimate muscular strength.

As well as a significant energy boost, Loco 7.0 also boosts nitric oxide production so enables noticeable muscle pumps, and even improves mental focus and clarity.  

How does it work?

As a comprehensive pre-workout supplement, Loco 7.0 fuels your performance and supports your gains from multiple angles.

First, and most importantly, Loco 7.0 provides a significant energy boost which will fuel you up from the second you open the gym door. 400mg of caffeine is no laughing matter - it’s the equivalent of a giant bucket of coffee - so it comes with an intense energy kick.

Aside from the pure energy rush, Loco 7.0 also contains a unique ingredient blend which stimulates fat and weight loss and improves mental clarity and focus, making you a better all round athlete and helping you achieve those physique goals, fast. 

Who is Loco 7.0 suitable for?

Loco 7.0 is an incredible pre-workout supplement for those looking to hit the next phase of training. Designed for serious athletes and those in pursuit of excellence, Loco 7.0 is best suited to athletes who have been training, and using pre-workout supplements, for long enough to understand their usage and effects.

Loco 7.0 has a very high caffeine content, and is therefore best avoided by those with caffeine sensitivity or intolerance, or anyone with a particularly delicate digestive system.

When should I use it?

As with all of our products, we recommend you stick with manufacturer guidelines when using Loco 7.0.

Loco 7.0 is a pre-workout supplement, so is obviously best utilised immediately before a heavy training session, or as an intra-workout option if you’re undertaking a very long endurance session. Because of its stimulant blend, Loco 7.0 shouldn’t be taken too close to bedtime, as it is designed to rev you up rather than help you power down.

Our thoughts

Loco 7.0 is a specifically designed pre-workout formula, informed by some of the best brains in the business, which aims to set the standard for a whole new level of pre-training support.

The entire Myoblox range is built on the same foundations: premium quality ingredients and incredible results. Loco 7.0 follows the trend, and sets itself apart from the rest of the pre-workout market due to its huge stimulant blend and reputation for powering serious results.

And thanks to the nootropic additives and nitric oxide enablers, Loco 7.0 helps you utilise both brains and brawn, offering you an expedited route to reaching performance goals and achieving that dream physique.



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