Myoblox Loco Limited Edition Rainbow Haze


Loco Rainbow Haze is an ultra-premium, high-quality limited edition pre-workout formula that has had only 3000 units produced worldwide!

This is a custom flavour, custom formula and is hand-numbered on every single tub by the Myoblox CEO.


Advantra Z™

This is a new Patented form of the popular, hard-hitting stimulant Synepherine. This specific compound can be found within Bitter Orange Peel, Advantra Z™ is a thermogenic stimulator, that has been known to assist with energy and athletic performance.


This compound is one of the hottest stimulants on the market to date. This compound has been shown to provide the benefit of a unique energy that does over-stimulate the consumer and will not cause you to crash.

Lean GBB™

Specifically found in Myoblox Rubix, Lean GBB™ this ingredient helps to increase the bodies natural production of L-Carnitine, while also increasing your bodies perceived temperature making you sweat like you never have before.


An excellent compound to start off the formula, with the added benefit of being able to improve the consumer's ability to produce thicker pumps through an increase in blood circulation & nutrient delivery to the working muscle.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine Anhydrous has the ability to increase muscle power, through helping to recycle energy for explosive lifting.
Betaine Anhydrous has also been known to improve vasodilation of the muscle.


L-Taurine is most commonly known for its ability to aid as a hydrating nutrient with the ability to maintain water balance and muscular endurance.

With dehydration playing such a massive role in decreasing performance, it's easy to understand why this particular compound has been included within the blend.


Glycerol is highly effective and powerful with regards to its ability to volumize the muscle cell.
The increase in cell hydration allows for an improved ability to perform and absorb & utilise nutrients more effectively.


RealCaf is a highly effective energy source which is derived from Organic Green Coffee Beans, this is a much smoother form of Caffeine.
This allow's a sustained clean source of energy throughout the duration of the session, this eliminates the side effects of overstimulation in the form of jitters, anxiety and a post-workout crash.

Caffeine Citrate

This is a very fast-acting source of energy.

With the consumer's ability to yield between the 40 to 50% range. It reduces any chances for over-stimulation during or post-workout.

After consuming caffeine citrate, you can feel the benefits usually within 5-10 minutes.


The new Limited Edition Loco Rainbow Haze, will offer a very complete pre-workout supplement which is going to take your performance to the next level. What you can expect after consumer this product is -

  • Extreme Energy
  • Explosive Power
  • Much Harder Hitting Energy
  • Dense Muscle Pumps


With this unique customised flavour formula, this particular Limited Edition pre-workout supplement is going to leave you wanting more and more.
Sadly we would only recommend taking one scoop, we would describe this particular flavour as having a well-balanced sherbet taste with a delicious candy hit.

Value For Money

Myoblox Loco Rainbow Haze is available from and any Spartansuppz Retail store for the price of $69.95 for 38 servings.
This particular product is excellent value for money when taking into account the synergism between each compound to create a premium level pre-workout supplement.
All the way down to the flavour and look, with a clean source of energy, thick vascular pumps and overall improved muscular endurance and overall performance.

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