Myoblox Supplements

We're very excited to announce that we're bringing the Myoblox supplements range to Australia! The whole line (protein date tbc) will be hitting all retail stores/online.

This is a very innovative brand that does things a little bit differently than the norm.

Founder John Foster put it best when he said "cheap shit ain't good and good shit ain't cheap"

This is a supplement brand that combined scientific innovation with a unique designer twist on packaging and presentation to deliver the ultimate consumer experience.

Behind the Brand

Founder John Foster heads up the creative drive behind the brand to deliver market leading packaging/content.

Chief Science Officer Bryan Moskow aka The Guerrilla Chemist leads the charge in product formulations. Bryan has developed quite a following during his time at Blackstone Labs creating such products as Glycolog, Trojan Horse and Orthobolic.

Powered by Blox

This is a company that invest heavily in having the best possible ingredients and sources in their products. When looking at a product in the range you'll notice the Blox technology featured throughout.

This is micro peptide technology which works to increase the effectiveness and utilisation of the ingredients in each product.

Limited Edition Releases

One very unique element that Myoblox supplements bring is their limited edition releases. This is not just a limited edition flavour of an existing line, but a whole new product.

The latest in the line up is the Cinco De Mayo Loco pre-workout. Every tub is hand numbered and once they're gone, they're gone.

This makes the product very exclusive and brings excitement back to supplements.

Product Line Up

At present the line up is quite extensive with everything from pre-workouts and fat burners to amino acids and nootropics.

Loco pre-workout

Blo non-stim pre-workout

Skywalk nootropic/focus agent

Rubix non-stim fay burner

Illa intra-workout BCAA

Contra test booster/anti-estrogen

Tetra thermogenic fat burner

Mania testosterone booster

Isofract whey protein isolate

Look to see the entire Myoblox supplements line up available online and across all Spartansuppz retail locations real soon.

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