Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Isolate Now In Australia

Optimum Nutrition has established themselves at the forefront on the Australian supplement industry with their multiple award-winning products such s 100% Gold Standard Whey and 100% Gold Standard Casein.

And at long last, Optimum Nutrition have finally come to the table releasing their hotly anticipated Gold Standard Isolate to the Australian market.

Product Benefits

100% Gold Standard Isolate has multiple benefits! Being a fast absorbing protein it can help stimulate muscle protein synthesis, aid muscle growth, help recovery and promote fat loss!


Gold Standard Isolate has come to the table with a very well put together a formula to establish itself as a tier 1 isolate alongside other big brands such as Redcon1 Isotope and Rule 1 R1 Isolate.

Gold Standard Isolate has a very clean formula, we have outlined some of the key ingredients below:

  • 25g Hydrolyzed and Ultra Filtered Whey Protein Isolate.
  • 1g of Carbohydrates and 1g and sugar.
  • Less than 1g of fat per serve.
  • 5.5g of naturally occurring BCAA's.
  • Gluten free and low lactose.

Who Is This Product For?

Gold Standard Isolate is a perfect protein choice for almost anyone regardless of gym experience!

Whey protein isolate is a very filtered and refined form of protein, which helps reduce lactose and gluten content. So if you are someone who historically has had issues with digesting protein supplements in the past such as Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, then their Gold Standard Isolate is a great choice.

Flavours & Price

At the moment in Australia, 100% Gold Standard Isolate comes in both a 2lb and 5lb tub in 4 flavours: Birthday Cake, Chocolate Bliss, Rich Vanilla and Strawberry Cream.

The 2lb serving size will retail for $59.95, and the 5lb for $129.95.

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