Power Up You Workouts With Glycolog

Do you feel your workouts have been lacking lately? Maybe your feeling sluggish after eating that big carb dense pre workout meal and your energy levels are suffering?

Perhaps it's time you Power Up You Workouts With Glycolog from Blackstone Labs!

Glycolog from Blackstone Labs is without doubt the most unique and innovative supplement to hit the market in 2016.

Glycolog markets itself as a nutrient partitioning agent and potent insulin mimetic.

So what does that mean exactly? Well it means that Glycolog is going to mimic your bodies natural insulin response to carbohydrates, helping utilize and shuttle glycogen to the muscle amplifying performance significantly!

Touching back on our Insulin Resistance Article, we know that insulin is without doubt the most anabolic hormone in the body. And while it plays many roles, the most important is it's ability to transport glycogen (carbohydrates) to the muscle cells.

As we can see in the diagram below, insulin literally acts in a lock and key type scenario with the muscle cell, allowing it to open up to receive the glycogen or fuel.


So, now that we know that Insulin is so critical for transporting carbohydrates, how does that mean you can Power Up You Workouts With Glycolog?

Simply speaking, Glycolog is going to make your body far more sensitive to insulin, and essentially replicate or 'mimic' it's response to ingested carbohydrates.

So what this means is that when using Glycolog with a carbohydrate dense pre workout or post workout meal, you can better utilize the glycogen to fuel both your performance prior to training, or to help refuel and replenish glycogen stores post training.

Glycolog Protocol

The team at Spartansuppz recommends using 3 capsules of Glycolog roughly 1-1.5hrs prior to training with a relatively carbohydrate dense meal.

Followed by a further 3 capsules with your carbohydrate post workout meal.

This is the maximal dosing advised per day to help amplify performance and recovery. Remembering that hydration is also key, so ensuring you are well hydrated will only help the desired response.

What Can I Expect?

When supplementing with Glycolog you can expect to have elevated energy throughout your workout. In addition to some seriously savage muscle pumps.

What Can I Take Along Side Glycolog?

If you want to rally maximise the results of Blackstone Labs Glycolog, try adding some Hype from Blackstone Labs into the mix too. Hype is a potent non-stimulant based pre workout that is guaranteed to give you some crazy pumps throughout training.


Also adding in a good pre workout carbohydrate product such as Rocket Fuel from Cyborg Sport or Carbolyze from Species Nutrition will provide more fuel for Glycolog to utilise, amplifying performance further!

We hope you enjoyed our article on Power Up You Workouts With Glycolog!

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