Power Your Workouts With Breach From Redcon1

Redcon1 Breach is a comprehensive intra-workout formula comprised of Branch Chain Amino Acids, ideal for increasing recovery, hydration and performance.

If you're looking to power-up your workouts like never before, and take your training to new levels, Breach is a great option.

See our CEO Pat Dickson's full breakdown on Breach from Redcon1 below, then follow on with our article and learn how this awesome intra-workout supplement can increase your workout capacity.

    Redcon1 Breach Review

        Power Your Workouts With Breach From Redcon1

          The benefits of Breach are extensive. This is a very well put together Intra-Workout formula, which has been put together with the intention of helping overall performance and recovery.

          The benefits of supplementing with Redcon1 Breach include:

          • Increased Hydration: Breach contains a great dosage of coconut water powder, a well-known electrolyte, making it ideal for hydration. Add into this a good dosage of Taurine for cellular hydration and added electrolytes in the form of potassium and sodium and you will feel your workout intensity increase drastically.
          • Reduced Mental Fatigue: Another great benefit of Breach is the decreased mental fatigue associated with its supplementation.
          • Increased Recovery: Train harder and more often all from one simple supplement. BCAA's can significantly help your recovery time after a workout, reducing cramping and soreness allowing you to get back to the gym more frequently.
          • Increase Performance: Increase you output during training by decreasing fatigue and increase energy through BCAA supplementation.

          So, How Does Breach Increase Workout Capacity?

          The combination of amino acids, hydration ingredients such as electrolytes as well as performance ingredients such as glycerol and taurine can significantly help increase overall performance.

          What makes Breach such a great workout enhancing supplement, is its ability to increase recovery and endurance throughout each session.

          By preventing fatigue, you can expect to push through plateaus regardless of your training style, as well as experience a higher level of performance and mental clarity all session long.

          How to Maximise Your Results

          Breach is a great supplement for increasing performance during training. However, to further maximise your results there are a few additional supplements we recommend to further increase your workout capacity and output.

          1. Creatine HCL: Supplementing with a creatine such as Hybrid Nutrition Creatine HCL is a great way to boost strength, endurance and power output in training.

          Creatine is most likely the most beneficial supplements for those partaking in strength training. And makes a great additional add-on to your Breach intra-workout.

          2. Redcon1 Isotope: If you're not supplementing with a lean protein post-training, you really aren't recovering as well as you could be.

          Isotope from Redcon1 is a perfect post-workout protein, offering fast absorption and a high amount of protein per serving, making it ideal for muscle recovery and muscle growth.

          Our Verdict

          If you're looking to push your training to the next level and starting busting through plateaus, a well put together intra-workout formula is a must.

          And in terms of intra-workout supplements, they don't come much better than Breach from Redcon1. This is one well designed and does muscle recovery agent that is guaranteed to help increase your recovery time and increase the results from training.

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