Pre Workout Meal

You may have heard the the following saying before, however, it is very true...

You body is like a car. It cannot run on empty without fuel. You must fuel your body with energy efficient, nutritious food in order for it to run effectively, smoothly and focus.

Before a workout, it personal preference as to whether one consumes a 'Protein + Fat' or 'Protein + Carb' based meal.

For those looking to shred down, a Protein + Fat pre workout meal will most likely be consumed in order for their body to use ‘Fat’ as their main source of energy.

However, for most, a Protein + Carb based meal is the most popular option.

Everyone's body is different and responds more well to different options - so do what works best for you!

Not only will the following food suggestions fuel your body, but also assist in the recovery process post training.

Here are the top pre workout foods...


Bananas are rich in fast acting carbohydrates. These carbs will be able to fuel your workout. Bananas are also rich in potassium, which aids in maintaining muscle and nerve function. Not to mention, this food source is a very quick and convenient option.

Oats or Whole Grain Toast

Both foods are rich in fibre. Fibre dense foods facilitate a steady release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream – which will provide sustained energy throughout the duration of your workout!


Caffeine consumption pre workout will…

  • generates energy
  • slows down fatigue
  • increases the rate of fat burned

And, we all love it!

Egg whites

Egg whites are recommended pre training as a great protein source - the yolk may make you feel sluggish and is metabolised slowly.

Chicken + Brown Rice

If you are looking for a pre workout meal that will not be too heavy on the stomach, sit well, provide a steady energy source and contains minimal fat… chicken and brown rice is a great option!

This food combo also included great recovery benefits.

If you don’t like or want brown rice, feel free to switch this option for sweet potato, quinoa, whole grains or starchy vegetables.

Greek Yoghurt

Compared to normal yoghurt, greek yoghurt contains double the amount of protein and half the amount of sugar.

Greek yoghurt should provide a great source of energy and is light on the stomach.


Just eat something!

It is often a common misconception that to lose weight or to get shredded, you should eat less. This is most certainly incorrect and dangerous. Please eat something, particularly pre training. Do not let your car run on empty risking potential it could shut down at any moment.



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