Primeval Labs Australia

This dynamic supplement brand has been making quite an impact in the US market and we've been getting hit up consistently for their products.

Primeval Labs make very concentrated and well thought out products. Their products use completely transparent dosing and labeling so you know exactly what you're getting in every single serve.

The product range is also quite extensive with a range of different pre-workout products, a complete intra-workout, powerful fat burners and a selection of muscle building/test boosting products.

In the pre-workouts, the real standout is Mega Pre Black. This is a hard-hitting, high energy pre-workout that really packs a punch. With a clinically proven dose of beta-alanine along with a monster dose of agmatine performance & pumps are fantastic. The energy/stimulant blend is also on another level so you'll be dialed in and ready to kill it in the gym.

Primeval Labs also have an impressive non-stimulant pre-workout. To be honest this is not a category I get too excited about however Mega Pre White is one very impressive product.

The ingredient combination and dosing makes it very difficult not too impressed with this nitric oxide-based pre-workout.

We would also highly recommend checking out some of Primeval Labs intra-workout products in the form of BIOS3 Intracell 7 & EAA Max, these are 2 intra-workout power-house products which are in very high demand and both hold very comprehensive formula's.

Primeval Labs also have a range of muscle building products in the form of -

Erosion - is a powerful anti-estrogen/testosterone boosting compound.

Super Rhanderol - is a very unique compound that stimulates anabolic activity to build more lean muscle and increase strength without interacting with androgen receptors.

Primavar - real standout with a powerhouse ingredient which increases protein synthesis by up to 200%!

Primalog - is a unique and extremely powerful Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA).

Primabol - is an all-new natural muscle builder that uses an ingredient known as Phosphatidic Acid (PA).

Neanderthal - is a complete testosterone boosting supplement.

This is one extensive line up of supplements and has been fortunate enough to try a number of them before the release we're very excited for you all to try these!

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