Ever wondered...

  • What is hydrolyzed protein?
  • How does it differ from other proteins?
  • How is it made?

Well you have come to the right place! Find out right here and please let us explain...

How it is made?

During the manufacturing process, whey protein is broken down into smaller parts. This is through a process called 'enzymatic hydrolysis'. During this process 'proteolytic enzymes' are also added. All together, the process breaks down the protein into single amino acids and small amino-acid peptide strands.

Yes, we admit - the process sounds complicated. However, all you simply need to understand is - this production step facilitates better digestion, fuels greater delivery of amino acids from the gut to your muscles and aids in muscle growth.

Lactose Intolerant ?

Are you lactose intolerant or sensitive? Depending on how sensitive you are, you may be able to take hydrolyzed protein. This is because, most other proteins (whey blends) are high in cow's milk proteins. In hydrolyzed protein, cow milk proteins have been extensively broken down. Therefore, it is unlikely for you to have an allergic reaction as it contains virtually zero lactose.

Isolate VS Hydrolyzed

It has been shown that those who consume hydrolyzed protein over other protein types...

  • experience a higher recovery rate
  • experience less muscle damage
  • have an overall higher recovery performance

However the main contributing factor that makes hydrolyzed protein far more superior than other (and has already been mentioned) is for it's rapid digestion rate. Other whey protein blends usually digest in fewer than 30 minutes,... this means hydrolyzed whey works it magic much quicker.

Protein Benefits

Protein a crucial building block of all bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. This emphasis it's importance as a staple supplement/macronutrient to be consuming daily!

The body utilises protein to build and repair muscle tissue. It also promotes the production of enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals.

Protein also...

  • provides antioxidant benefits
  • boost immune function
  • enhances muscle recovery
  • helps manage weight by making you feel full
  • increases muscle mass
  • stabalises blood sugar levels
  • improves mood
  • promotes healthy brain function
  • promotes heart health
  • slows ageing and promotes longevity
  • maintains strong bone mass... etc!

Wow, it surely is amazing!


One of Spartansuppz best selling Protein Powders (and just happens to be a hydrolyzed protein powder) is ISO 85+ by UPS.

UPS Iso85 is a top line competition designed formula providing Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, Instantised whey protein isolate of only the highest quality including a massive 43g of premium protein per serve.

We utilise Cold processed micro filtered 90% Instantised Whey protein Isolate (Containing Whey di and tri peptides and sub fractions) and Enzymatic non denatured Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate(up to 24% hydrolysis) . It undergoes the finest filtration process to remove maximum amounts of fats and sugars whilst retaining the naturally occurring amino acids that assist with recovery and repair of muscle.

Whey protein isolates are of particular importance to competition bodybuilders, footballers, track n field athletes, endurance athletes, mixed martial arts, boxers, cyclists, Tri-athletes, performance athletes, and those wanting the ultimate in nutritional support.

  • Suitable to men and women
  • Zero carbs and fats
  • Rapid absorption rate
  • Focused on quality macros with zero fillers or binders
  • Extremely mixable and delicious tasting

Get on it!

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