Protein Shakes Versus Real Food

Ever wondered how your protein powder stacks up against real food?

The average Whey blend has roughly 24g of protein per 30g serve. And it's a common thing you hear at the gym "This one has 24 grams of protein per serve", Sound familiar?

But how does that 24 grams compare to real food like chicken or beef? Is it really that hard to get 24 grams of protein from whole food?

Spartansuppz has you covered! We have the ultimate comparitive list, giving you insight into Protein Shakes Versus Real Food! And how your favourite foods stack up!

Protein Shakes Versus Real Food

Puts it into perspective a little doesn't it? Obviously there are other factors such as fat and carbohydrate content in some of the other protein sources. However if it's just the protein content you are after, than you could have a sizeable meal on your hands to hit your protein goals!

For instance eating 3.25 whole cups of spinach or 3 cups of quinoa! Thats a massive amount to equal a simple whey blend!

All in all, Spartansuppz advices a holistic approach to nutrition, comprised of whole foods, healthy fats, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates that are not only macronutrient friendly, but micro nutrient friendly as well.

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