Regan Grimes Signs With Primeval Labs

Regan Grimes Signs With Primeval Labs

Without a doubt, one of the biggest brand signings in the bodybuilding world in 2018 has been the acquisition of Regan Grimes by Primeval Labs this past week.

Regan has shot to fame in the past few years, blowing up on social media with his accounts now has over 650,000 followers. He has established himself as one of the most popular bodybuilding athletes in the country.

After making the switch to classic physique, Regan pulled out the win at this year's New York Pro, qualifying for the Olympia in just under 2 months time.

See below for Regan Grimes taking out the win at the New York Pro 2018

Formally with BPI Sports, Regan joins the ranks of athletes such as KC Mitchell, Steph Sanzo and Gracie V all under the ever-expanding Primeval Labs banner. With the addition of an up and coming powerhouse athlete such as Regan, Primeval looks set to make some big moves forward for that latter half of 2018.

With the support of the great team from Primeval Labs in addition to their great muscle building supplements, the future is looking very bright for Regan Grimes with Primeval Labs.

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