Rich Piana Hosts Own Bodybuilding Contest

Rich Piana is no stranger when it comes to the media spotlight. Known for his out their training style, crazy nutrition plans or even crazier steroid cycles, Rich knows how to get himself into the public eye.

Rich Piana's latest escapade is no exception to this, as the title suggests, Rich Piana is hosting his very own bodybuilding contest.

Rich's premise behind his proposed contest is that bodybuilding is very one dimensional, and only incorporates posing and appearance. Whereas the actual sport of bodybuilding is about training and pushing yourself further than you though possible.

Essentially what Rich Piana is planning to do, is bringing the gym to the stage. And bringing the entertainment back to the stage.

Think you would have what it takes to compete? Theres a 10k prize up for grabs!

What the full video below!

Rich Piana Hosts Own Bodybuilding Contest

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