Rich Piana Predicts The Mr Olympia

Rich Piana Predicts The Mr Olympia for 2015. With the Mr Olympia contest is set to take place in just over a weeks time in Las Vegas.

Which means that all the pros and bros are adding in there two cents on who they think will take home the Sandow Trophy.

The general consensus is split between 3-5 competitors. The hot favourite is the 4 time champion Phil Heath. Phil is coming in as the favourite for obvious reasons. He brings a new level of size and symmetry that is exactly what the judges look for. However many are tipping that this year is the year he is defeated.

Kai Green the predator and number one competitor is Phil’s biggest competitor. Kai has stood on the sideline for a few years now. Consistently placing second behind Phil. Many think this will be his year.

Big Ramy is another fan favourite that is expected to do well this year. Ramy has impressed the world with his sheer size.

However conditioning has always been his downfall. If he can bring the complete package this year he is definitely a top 3 prospect.

Rich Piana Predicts The Mr Olympia

YouTube and internet sensation Rich Piana has dropped a video revealing his top 5 picks. Rich expects this to be one of the biggest Olympia’s ever.

Rich Piana Predicts The Mr Olympia this year we will be a new competitor. Rich predicts that politics will play a big role in the winner this year. As it is time for a new champion and new face at the top of bodybuilding.

Kai Green is one of the top candidates to take out the title he says. However he believes Kai will never win a title.

Shawn Roden is one of Rich’s top picks for this year. He believes Shawn’s 90’s aesthetic look is exactly what the IFBB needs. In order to move away from thick waisted appearances that have dominated the Olympia for the last decade.

Who do you think can win this years Olympia this year? Watch in full Rich Piana Predicts The Mr Olympia below!

Rich Piana Predicts Mr The Olympia Video

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