Rich Pianas Olympia Wedding

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, Rich Pianas Olympia Wedding is really happening. Love him or hate him, you can’t argue with Rich Pianas ability to get attention.

Rich is a massive internet sensation with over 450,000 subscribers on YouTube. A growing supplement company 5% Nutrition. A whole crew of 5%er athletes. Not to mention he walks around pushing 320lbs on the daily.

Essentially, everywhere Rich goes he gets noticed. He is a man of much controversy, due to his blatant honesty on steroid use. To the point where internet trolls claim he is ‘natty’. And for his infamous 8 hour arm workouts which have sparked debate among the online community

However Rich’s latest video has drawn him possibly the most attention thus far. He has announced that their will be a Rich Pianas Olympia Wedding this year.

That’s right, Rich has announced via YouTube that he and his fiancee will be tying the knot on the Thursday night before the Olympia starts on the Friday Morning.

Not only are the two getting married at the Olympia. But they have made the whole event an open invite party! So that means anyone in the area can attend the event to see the Rich Pianas Olympia Wedding. The event is set to be a double marriage with one of Rich’s fellow 5% crew tying the knot as well.

But hell, with free food, free drinks and a DJ why wouldn’t you want to go? As always Rich Piana doesn’t let his fan base down, keeping everyone entertained with his full-on life. And not to mention inviting all of his loyal fans and subscribers to his wedding. How many celebrities would do that?

Watch the video below too see the announcement of Rich Pianas Olympia Wedding

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