Roelly Winklaar goes Super Human 2016

It's been a big couple of years for IFBB Pro Roelly WInklaar.

To say the pro has been looking jacked in 2016 would be a massive understatement. Roelly looks set to being one of the biggest, if not the biggest on the Olympia stage this year.

Clearly something in his camp has been going right as new images of Winklaar surface each week when we are still a decent time out from the 2016 Olympia.

The real question that seems to be on everyones lips however is his conditioning. It's one thing to get massive, but can Roelly replicate his size on stage and bring a fully conditioned package.

The conditioning has been the lagging factor on many occasions, and is the main reason we frequently see him placing outside the top 5 on the Olympia stage.

Take a look below and see Roelly guest posing at the NPC Natural Ohio last week.

Roelly Winklaar goes Super Human 2016

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