Russian Powerlifter Turned Mountain Climber

When it comes to hiking mountains, the term Powerlifter doesn’t often spring to mind. However a Russian Powerlifter Turned Mountain Climber has just done what many mountain climbers would consider impossible. This Russian Powerlifter Climbed Mount Elbrus with a 75kg Loaded Barbell on his back.

Loaded with 75kg in total. The Russian Powerlifter Turned Mountain Climber Andrey Rodichev made the hike up Mount Elbrus, Europes Highest peak. At an impressive 5642m, this is no ordinary feat of Endurance. It takes a seriously strong dude to be able to complete this!

The 20kg Eleiko Barbell was loaded with two 25kg plates to equate 75kg in total. A special device was devised to ensure that the bar stayed on Andreys back during the climb. Walking at a pace of 50m an hour on good days down to 15m per hour on poor weather condition days. Andrey finally reached the summit 8 days after beginning his expedition.

Andreys feat is made even more impressive when you compare the vast differences between the two sports. With powerlifting requiring immense one rep strength with minimal cardiovascular conditioning. Compared to hiking which requires high levels of cardiovascular conditioning. Even more-so when you factor in that it is mountain hiking.

In order to accustom his body for this attempt. The Russian Powerlifter Turned Mountain Climber would train twice a day, running in the morning with a weighted pack. And then lifting weights later in the day to build up strength. During the preparation process he lost an a crazy 20kg and built up an impressive level of endurance.

After completing this impressive feat of strength and endurance. Andrey has been regarded as a hero in his home town. And rightfully so! In his honour, the Barbell has since been installed at the top of the mountain for all those who climb it too see.

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