Salads are nutritious, light, tasty, filling (if bulked up properly) and low calorie meal option. However, sometimes people mistakenly turn their salads into a bowl of dense calories. To avoid this from happening here are some options to swap and ingredients to add on to ensure your salads remain healthy and calorie free.


Croutons VS. Snow Peas

By swapping croutons to snow peas you will still be getting the desired taste of crunch you are after.

However you will be sparing yourself a whole lot of carbohydrates, calories and oils.

Feta Cheese VS. Avocado

By swapping feta to avocado you will still be getting the creamy desired taste you are after.

Both ingredients do have health benefits. Feta cheese has some positive nutritional benefits like high protein, calcium and low carbs. However it is high in fat, calories and sodium. Avocado we advise is a better option as it is rich in healthy fats, abundant in nutrients and vitamins, contains fiber and much more!

Creamy Salad Dressing VS. Yoghurt Based Dip

By swapping creamy dressing such as caesar dressing to tzatziki you will still be getting the creamy flavour desired to your salad.

A healthy low calorie tzatiki is often yoghurt based. This means it is higher in protein and a lower calorie than a fatty, creamy salad dressing.

Happy Salad Making

So yes, there are plenty of options (and much more) to choose from to still get a desired taste you are after, but a healthier and calorie saver alternative. The choices or swaps are not hard ones, just smarter ones. Enjoy your salads!


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