Sleep Insonmia

Sleep insomnia is defined as habitual sleeplessness and an inability to sleep consistently.

We all know we need to sleep and how important it is to our daily functioning.

We grow and repair while we sleep so if you're serious about making progress in your fitness goals, you better get serious about getting some quality sleep.

Here's the top 5 tips to get better sleep:

1.Create a Sleep Schedule

Yes, this is dead serious. I know it sounds nerdy but pick the time you know you need to go to sleep and the time you should wake up and stick to it.

The body loves routine and it functions best when it has a set routine. Altering too far from this routine with throw your bodies ability to regulate sleep wake cycles out and leave you feeling the effects.

2.Stop Work & Relax

When it comes time to sleep you need to be able to switch your mind. One of the most common complaints of insomnia is a 'running mind". Stop work 30-60 minutes before going to sleep and give yourself some time to unwind and relax your mind.

Watch your favourite TV show or read a good book but try to relax and let yourself get into a state where you're ready to sleep.

If there's tasks on your mind that you need to do write them down, put them on your list for tomorrow and then relax and keep your mind clear.

3.Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant and if you're having trouble getting to sleep, the caffeine has to go or at a minimum be reduced.

The half life (the amount of time it takes to remove half the amount of the ingredient) of caffeine is 5-6 hours so if you're taking in higher amounts of caffeine later in the day it's likely this is contributing to poor sleep quality. Here's some quick tips to help:

  • Avoid caffeine in the 4 hours before bed
  • Reduce your pre-workout serving
  • Switch to de-caffeinated coffee of an evening

4. Get Black

To be able to get to sleep and stay asleep the ideal environment is complete darkness. Light is a mild stimulant and can keep your nervous system stimulated prohibiting you from getting to sleep.

Ensure you have good window coverings, put your phone on flight mode (or off and) and switch off all sources of light (this includes lights, lamps and even standby lights on TV's). Avoid TV in bed and allow yourself the optimal environment to get a good nights sleep.

5. Enhance Your Sleep

A sleep aid can help your body to get to sleep much faster and also enhance quality of sleep.

This means you maximise your time and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the next day ready to attack the day.

We'd recommend checking out Blackstone Labs Anesthetized for this.

It utilises proven ingredients phenibut and GABA which helps increase mood, reduce sensitivity to stimulation and regular sleep/wake cycles.

These should not be used every night and we'd recommend using a product such as Anesthetized a maximum of 5 nights per week.

Bonus Tip-Exercise!

By now we all know we should be exercising regularly.

Getting regular exercise (preferably resistance training) will keep your blood pressure down, your metabolic rate healthy and increase insulin sensitivity. This means you'll digest food better and maintain more stable blood glucose levels so you can get to sleep faster.

That covers our top 5 tips for a better nights sleep. Hopefully these provide some insight into how the body works and you can put these tips into place to cure your insomnia and finally get a great nights sleep.

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