Spartan Strong Knee Sleeves

Recently we released our Spartan Strong series knee sleeves. These have been getting great feedback and I’m very happy to hear the feedback on how helpful they are.

In this article I want to breakdown:

  • Why you should consider using knee sleeves
  • Difference between sleeves and wraps
  • How you can benefit from Spartan Strong Knee Sleeves

First up these are 7mm neophrene sleeves. They are a slightly softer and more forgiving sleeve. This makes them much easier to get on and off and can be left on comfortable throughout the entire workout.

Knee sleeves are designed to support and protect your knees. They do not provide a spring out of the bottom or any rebound like a knee wrap. However some people do find (myself included) that sleeves to indirectly provide a mild strength boost.

Why you should consider using knee sleeves

Lifting weights in general whether it be for bodybuilding,competitive powerlifting or just for fun is a great hobby. It is a long term game where you truly do get out what you put in.

It’s also a long term gig. To become even decent you’re likely going to be training for 10+ years minimum.

That’s a lot of sets,reps and volume. To quote Ice Cube “protect your self before you wreck yourself” really does apply here.

Keeping your body safe and healthy enough to keep training should be paramount. Prevention is almost always better than the cure. To be the best you need to train hard,effectively and consistently.

Missing weeks or months of workouts or having to avoid things like squats is not an option if progression is the aim.

Difference between sleeves and wraps

Primary difference is the amount of compression. Wraps are designed to help with strength and provide a lot of compression and spring out of the bottom. Great for strength but not ideal for knee health as it creates a grinding of the patella.

Spartan Strong Knee Sleeves on the other hand keep the area warm,promote blood flow and mild compression for muscle activation.

How you can benefit from Spartan Strong Knee Sleeves

I’m not claiming Spartan Strong Knee Sleeves to be a life saver or strength booster, this is not a sales pitch. If there is a ‘secret’ to lifting weights it’s staying healthy enough to train for a long period of time.

A few lifting accessories can help you achieve that and maybe even avoid some potential knee injuries.

Staying healthy means you’ll make better progressions,hit more good workouts and get bigger,faster.

The equation is pretty simple: train with good form,aim to get stronger and overload over a period of time. That’s it.

We only get one body, so it’s in all our best interests to take care of it.

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