Spartansuppz Ambassadors Top 3 Supplement - Chloe Salvador
Spartansuppz Ambassadors Top 3 Supplements featuring Chloe Salvador -
These are the top 3 choices of supplements chosen by Chloe Salvador in reference to the most beneficial for herself, these are not the supplements that we endorse but the ones which have been a major key in influencing her perfomance both mentally and physically and assisting her stay on track for her future goals.

Adrenal Revolution by Muscle Sport -
"This reduces my fatigue and helps to lower your cortisol levels which will lead to giving yourself a better night sleep. This really helps myself out because i am known for having really high stress levels, so this allows myself to have a really good night sleep on this and provide myself with benefits the next day in increased training performance."

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Block E3 by ATP Science -
"This is a toning cream to help target stubborn area's that you hold more fat at, so i rub it on my thigh's, alittle bit around my waist and just on the back of my tricep and this really helps to just tighten up and tone these targeted area's."

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Acetyl L-Carnitine by ATP Science -
"This helps to use stored body fat as energy rather than other fuel sources, so this is a must have for myself to get lean and get my sweat on."

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