Spartansuppz Ambassadors Top 3 Supplement - Chris Bradford

Spartansuppz Ambassadors Top 3 Supplements featuring Chris Bradford -

These are the top 3 choices of supplements chosen by Chris Bradford in reference to the most beneficial for herself, these are not the supplements that we endorse but the ones which have been a major key in influencing her perfomance both mentally and physically and assisting her stay on track for her future goals.

"Iv'e got a world title fight and my body is getting punished day in and day out, twice a day. I'm here to talk to you about my supplement and which one's are helping me be prepared for my title fight."

Machine Greens + Multi-Vitamins by MTS Nutrition
"One of my ultimate favourite's is MTS Greens, why i like this product is that it helps with the breakdown and increase in all of your vegetable's, supplement's in relation to all the vitamins and minerals which you really need and its easy as it's in just drink able powder form."

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Machine Greens + Multi-Vitamins - MTS Nutrition

EAA Max by Primeval Labs
"Primeval Labs - EAA Max, essential EAA formula. It really pushes all your hydration and all your ATP transfer after your workout helps with to push all the nutrients into your muscle and help to increase the repair process to ensure your body is ready for the next workout. It actually has an awesome taste, with heaps of awesome flavours and you can drink this stuff down during your workout and after your workout."

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Absolute Mass - Max's
"It is so good for my body type which is an ectomorph, anybody who know's there bodies know's that there is 3 types. I'm burning at around 4,300 calories a dayat 101kg at 6% bodyfat and this is a huge help for me because it is stacked with carbohydrates. So again if anyone know's there body type they know that an ectomorph need's carbohydrates to function and it's got a high dose of protein."

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