Spartansuppz Ambassadors Top 3 Supplement - Lauren Carmen

Spartansuppz Ambassadors Top 3 Supplements featuring Lauren Carmen -

These are the top 3 choices of supplements chosen by Lauren Carmen in reference to the most beneficial for herself, these are not the supplements that we endorse but the ones which have been a major key in influencing her performance both mentally and physically and assisting her to stay on track for her future goals.

GI Juice by Redcon1
"It's a greens and fruits formula with also a bunch of digestive enzymes incorporated. What we find in our diets is that we can eat as lean as possible and eat all the fruits and vegetables in the world but we are probably not getting all the nutrients that we need and that's why I like to supplement with a greens formula and it also allows to keep myself feeling nice and clean and fresh and I have cleaner energy throughout the day and my digestion is really on point. So I am really loving this product."

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Psychotic by Insane Labz -
"This is my favourite pre-workout with the flavour rainbow candy, it's a super high energy stimulant pre-workout with a bunch of nootropics incorporated into the formula. This product really keeps yourself focused, really on your game during your workouts. Especially on leg day."

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EAA MAX by Primeval Labs -
"A bunch of us use BCAA in the gym, which is great but what I love about EAA Max is that has all of your essential aminos in there as well so you can also drink this one throughout the day so that you stay hydrated and as an alternative for something sweet and the flavour Mango Pineapple and Tropical Lemonade is up there with one of my favourite flavours for BCAA's."

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