Steel Supplements now available in Australia

We're very excited to announce that Steel Supplements is now available in Australia at Spartansuppz!

This is a brand we've personally been very excited about and following closely since they started up. However Steel Supplements don't wholesale, they do direct to consumer only.

We've worked our magic and through some of our fantastic partners in the US had to opportunity to get connected with the the people behind Steel.

This is a hardcore supplements line designed to deliver results.

Steel don't mess about when it comes to formulating the strongest & most effective supplements possible. Every product is designed in house and tested by the owner, IFBB Pro Jason Huh.

This is a man who knows a thing or two about building muscle and dropping body fat as one of the biggest guys on stage at a height of just 5 foot 9.

Jason has a reputation as being a savage in the gym but equally savage when it comes to giving straight up advice. He's a straight shooter so expects the best when it comes to sports supplements.

The attention to detail required to be a top bodybuilder is evident in the product line. Everything is well put together with ingredients backed by science.

We're working closely with Steel Supplements crew to get as many of their epic products here to Australia.

At present their product line up consists of:

Charged AF high energy pre-workout

ADAbolic complete intra-workout

Pumped AF non stim pre-workout

ATP Fusion kre-alkalyn creatine

Rested AF sleep aid

BCAA/EAA amino acid

Whey Pro protein blend

Whey Iso WPI

We're working behind the scenes on a custom formulation of the Charged AF pre-workout at the moment. Expect to see this launching in the next 4-6 weeks.

Also in development is a powdered version the high energy fat burner Shredded AF. This is a hard hitter and one of the fastest selling lines. You know we don't mess about with products so we want to ensure this is as good as it can possibly be before it becomes available for sale in Australia.

This is a very exclusive brand who are extremely selective with who has access to their products. We are both very excited and thankful for the opportunity to bring these amazing products to Australia.

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