Sue Lasmar Joins Blackstone Labs

Sue Lasmar Joins Blackstone Labs

Yesterday Blackstone Labs announced they had signed WBFF Pro Sue Lasmar to their athlete roster.

This is a big move and the first major signing in some time.

If you follow Sue on social media you know she is very down to earth and humble. Having transformed her own body Sue now represent one of the biggest names in supplements.

Expect to see Sue in a number of Blackstone Labs media in the coming weeks/months.

You’ll also be able to catch her at this years Olympia next month in Las Vegas.

As you know we’re big fans of the Blackstone Labs product range. This is a great addition to their brand and really fits with the more mainstream direction of some of the newer products.

With any luck you may just get to meet Sue at the Arnold Classic in Melbourne next March!

Be sure to follow @suelasmar and @blackstonelabs on Instagram to stay up to date and support these great people.

Sue is a very positive person and aims to empower people to utilise fitness to change their lives.

Check out the product range here: Shop Blackstone Labs

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