Summer Body Supplements
Winter time is the perfect time to start building those summer bodies. When summer hits, you will be able to wear that bikini, lay on the beach or by the pool with confidence and parade around your hard work.
In order to achieve desired results or reach your goals that little bit faster, we have provided some suggestions of supplements which could speed up the process and get you that ripped summer body you are after.
However, we do ask you to keep in mind the common misconception, and it cannot be stressed enough, that any supplements are not a magic pills! They are purely additions along side a very dedicated training program and a well balanced diet that will help and should ensure to show results.

Supplements to Achieve that Goal of the Ideal Summer Body


Protein powder is a staple supplement to any stack. Protein is safe to use any time throughout the day - with breakfast, between meals... it is an easy, quick, healthy, convenient source of protein no matter where you are. However, the most beneficial time to take protein is post workout. This will help aid in muscle replenishment and recovery. By promoting recovery, it can also aid in fat loss. Full recovery will allow you to train harder with more intensity and volume (without DOMS) the next time you train; working harder will increase the amount of calories burned! Protein is also going to assist in helping preserve lean muscle mass, gain muscle and keep maintenance.

Our top proteins we sell that are lean, low in fat and carbs are:

Fat Burners

Since you are shredding for that perfect summer body, you may like to consider implementing a fat burner (a fat loss supplement) into your diet.

Fat burners are thermogenic. They will help to assist the body to boost metabolism, decrease appetite, increase and support energy levels and promote the reduction of water weight within the body.

All fat burners and brands will perform and/or have different focuses… Some may focus on suppressing appetite, some on increasing the bodies fat metabolic rate where others will be purely energy based.

A reminder once again, that a fat burner is not a magic pill. It is purely a supplement along side a very dedicated training program and a well balanced diet that will help and should ensure to show results.

Trying a fat burner for the first time or just wanting to change up your current product... can be an overwhelming experience.

If you want help in deciding which is the right or best fat burner for you, check out our article Fat Burners: Choosing the Best One For You which may make your choice that little bit more comforting.

Some of our fat burners we have available are:

Green Tea

Green tea aids in fat loss as it helps mobilise fat from fat cells. This will release fat into the bloodstream and encourages the body to use it a primary energy source - therefore eliminating fat. Green tea is one of the most beneficial and healthiest beverages in the world.

Keep in mind that Green Tea benefits are either from drinking Green Tea or taking green tea extract as a supplement. However, supplements can have a stronger dosage and are a easier and more convenient source to take. 1ml of Green Tea exact is equivalent to roughly drinking 8-10 cups of Green Tea.

Green tea also has the benefits of...

  • When green tea extract is used during exercise, burning fat is increased.
  • It boosts metabolism and assists the body more more calories each day.
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body fighting off free radicals (toxins) in the body which could potentially harm and damage healthy cells.
  • Green tea naturally contains high levels of caffeine which have been proven to increase the body's core temperature, aid in fat loss, therefore encouraging the body to burn more fat.
  • Will help you keep regular in the bathroom. Green tea will promote the excretion or urine. Any supplement that encourages this body reaction is known as a diuretic which excretes fluid retention within the body. This will help with factors such as bloating and in results of a summer body, you will look more shredded.

Green Tea extract supplement available:


Carnitine is a very advised supplement when it comes to shredding.

There are 2 forms of carnitine...

Acetyl L-Carnitine is very easily absorbed by the body. It helps assist with cognitive function such as memory and concentration.

Moreover, L-Carnitine is more focused on physical aspects such as energy production, functioning of muscles, lowers cholesterol levels, transports fatty acids into the mitochondria (the energy powerhouse of each cell)... This makes fat more readily available to use during exercise and in consequence burn more fat.

It is advised that the best and most beneficial time to take this supplement is on a empty stomach 30-45 minutes before exercise.

Overall, both forms together will help mentally and physically and remove toxins out of your muscles during exercise (which results in less fatigue and better recovery).

Available product:

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine (in most simplest terms) buffers hydrogen ions. Hydrogen ions lower PH levels in the body resulting in fatigue during intense exercise. Therefore, by supplementing this supplement, it will potentially delay fatigue resulting in improved performance, training volume and enable you to work harder for longer. This will result in higher burnt off calories and a more sculpted summer body physique.

Available product:

Happy Shredding

When used in conjunction with a very dedicated training program and a well balanced diet, the above suggested supplements will have you shred that little bit faster as opposed to using nothing at all. We hope you reach your goal or getting that desired summer body you are after. Happy shredding!

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