Sweet Potato Fries

Love a side of fries? Let's face it, we all do. However, a regular side of fries does not do any favours for out waistline or calorie intake. So, instead, why not try a healthy baked, not fried, simple, delicious sweet potato fries recipe. By baking your fries, you will be cutting out fat content by at least 50% and reducing calories by a third.

Health Benefits

Firstly let us explain why to use sweet potato over regular potato. Yes, nutritionally they are more or less the same, however, sweet potato provides so many wonderful, extra health benefits! Sweet potatoes are...
  • High in Vitamin B6
  • Good source of Vitamin C & D
  • Contain Iron
  • Can help support a healthy immune system
  • Good source of magnesium
  • Good source of potassium
  • Rich in beta carotene
  • Contain anti ageing properties
  • Have cancer fighting properties
  • Do not cause sugar spikes

and much more!


1) Pre heat oven to 200 degrees celsius.

2) Cut your sweet potato in chips or wedges. By leaving the skin on you will be consuming more fiber and nutritional value.

3) Place the fries onto a lined baking tray.

4) To help the fries get the crispiness you are after, brush them with egg whites. For flavour, sprinkle the fries with herbs, salt, pepper, garlic powder - whatever flavour you are going for, be creative!

5) If desired, feel free to spray lightly with some spray olive or coconut oil. However, since you have brushed the fries down with egg whites, this may be a an unnecessary step.

6) Bake for 10-15 minutes or until the fries reach the golden brown crispiness you desire.

7) Serve and enjoy! Bon á petite

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