What is Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition? 

Vitality Switch by Switch Nutrition is a potent superfood blend, specifically designed to bolster general health and wellbeing and contribute to superior training performance. 

Vitality Switch is formulated from a balanced blend of 5 key components: super green wholefoods, organic medicinal mushroom, digestive enzymes, gut health and detox & immune support. Every ingredient serves a different health-focused purpose, and each additive is carefully chosen to pack a major nutritional punch.

Every serve of Vitality Switch has the equivalent nutrients as 7 helpings of fruit and vegetables, meaning a major dose of all required vitamins and minerals - making Vitality Switch the smart way to ensure both macros and micros are on point, every day.

How does it work?

Vitality Switch works by packing serious nutritional value into one, easy to consume daily beverage.

By condensing wholefood sources and distilling micronutrients from delicious fruit and vegetables, Vitality Switch serves to provide the nutritional value you may be missing from your daily diet.

Even those who snack on carrots and drink their body weight in kale smoothies everyday may be missing the important quantity, or quality, of nutrients required; to to mention the variety that comes with sampling multiple sources. Vitality Switch provides your body with all important fuel for training, work and life, without adding calories or macronutrients to your dietary schedule. 

Who is Vitality Switch suitable for?

Vitality Switch is the right choice for anyone concerned about their dietary intake or general health and vitality. We all know how hard it is to eat 6+ servings of fruit and veg per day, not to mention always seeking out variety, sustainability, and organic produce where possible!

Vitality Switch works because it packs all the goodness of wholefoods into one serving - so anyone who wants to be absolutely certain they are hitting certain vitamin requirements will reap the benefits.

When should I use it?

As with all of our products, we recommend following all manufacturer guidelines when using Vitality Switch.

It contains no stimulants or ingredients tied to a specific anabolic window, so there is no need to time your Vitality Switch around training sessions. We like having a big serving in the morning on an empty stomach, to get the day started the right way and set us up with the energy we need for what’s to come!

Our thoughts

Vitality Switch is a must have for anyone looking to address gaps in their diet, or generally wanting to improve health and wellbeing.

While there are loads of superfood and greens supplement on the market, what sets Vitality Switch apart is the unique ingredient blend - unlike some products which are JUST grass and greens, Vitality Switch includes medicinal mushrooms, digestive enzymes and marine collagen - meaning you can target your digestive, immune system and skin and hair health all at the same time!

And we should definitely mention, despite its health properties, Vitality Switch actually has a delicious flavour; not at all like drinking a cup of mown grass!

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