Many fancy the fact of boosting their testosterone levels. If you are interested in maintaining or elevating levels, the following article provides ways on how to so naturally!

Please keep in mind, it can take time to improve testosterone levels, however, every little bit helps. If you find levels are not improving please seek advice from a professional GP.

Testosterone Benefits

Maintaining or elevating testosterone levels can provide many benefits...

  • Testosterone may fight depression
  • Testosterone decreases body fat
  • Testosterone increases muscle mass
  • Testosterone may strengthen your heart
  • Testosterone strengthens bones
  • Testosterone increases libido

... and much more.


Here are several ways to boost your testosterone naturally!


Do you drink enough fluids throughout that day? Water plays a major role in many bodily functions... one being, keeping testosterone levels in check. Not drinking enough water slows your hormonal system down. This decreases testosterone and dopamine levels and production. It is a recommendation to consume over 2L of water per day, however if you can drink more, that is great!

You may like to try our Spartan Jugs. They hold 2.2L litres of fluid. We recommend filling up the jug the beginning of the day and making it a goal to finish it by the end of the day!




Testosterone syncs with your lifestyle.

If you sit around all day, your body will signal to your brain that there is no need to support muscle or other bodily functions.

On the other hand, if you are active, your body will signal the brain that 'you need more hormones' and bodily functions to be produced.

If you do not exercise regularly, start small (a 10-20 minute walk per day) then increase activity level when ready.


While you sleep, hormone production is at its peak. Getting adequate sleep is crucial for healthy testorone levels. By not getting enough, your testostorone levels could be cut but 10-15%. Furthermore, not enough sleep also stuns potentonal muscle growth and other growth hormones. We understand everyone's body and lifestyles are wired differently. If you balance the day out in equal components, you have... 8 hours sleep, 8 hours play and 8 hours work. If you can keep 8 hours reserved for a restful nights sleep, your testosterone levels will be happy.


Eggs are rich with vitamins and minerals. Eggs improve cholesterol levels. Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels are an important building block in maintaining and increasing testosterone production. Eggs are also high in protein and zinc, both in which boost testosterone levels. And guess what? Eating at least on egg daily is sufficient!



It is the hormone cortisol, or also known as the stress hormone, that can be detrimental to ones health - both mentally and physically. When the body is stressed, it will struggle to produce testosterone. It will adversely also affect all other hormone production within the body.

To reduce stress, reflect on your lifestyle. Be honest with yourself. Pin point what it is that is causing you stress.

Some tips to reduce stress are...

  • Practice mindfulness daily
  • Try practicing yoga or mediate daily
  • Work no longer that 10hours per day
  • Have some you time daily - spend some time per day performing something that you love e.g. sport, art
  • Listen to music
  • Exercise

You may like to read our previous blog post 'Cortisol' on ways on how to lower your cortisol levels...




Keeping alcohol to a limit provides and protects you from many health issues. In regards to testosterone, alcohol can particularly interfere with hormonal performance. Consumption of alcohol can decrease testosterone production for up to 24 hours!

Alcohol consumption can cal inhibit the production of growth hormones and increases cortisol levels - which is most likely not what you are after for healthy testosterone levels.

Clean Eating


We encourage you to take note of your diet and improve it where possible. Invite foods such as leafy greens, nuts, lean meat, healthy fats e.g. olive oil etc into your diet. There are also many foods you can eat which encourage the production of testosterone. Foods rich in testorsone are...

  • Foods high in Vitamin D e.g. fortified milk & cereal products
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Oysters
  • Fish, Tuna, Salmon etc.
  • Beef
  • Beans


So there you go, there are ways to boost your testorone naturally. As mentioned, if you feel there is a problem elevating your natural levels, we reccomended seeking advice from a professional.

A connection with all ways to improve overall testosterone levels reflects on your lifestyle. Ensure you are livinga balanced lifestyle filled with healthy choices. Good luck!


Testosterone Support

If you are are additional testosterone support, out top test boosters are...

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Sleep Aids

While you sleep, hormone production is at its peak. If you are interested in improving overall quality of sleep, here are our top sleep aids..

Stress Control

Core Nutritional Core Hard Extreme

This products overall goal is to increase lean muscle mass and density. However, it also contains cortisol lowering properties to decrease physical stress.

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This product has been designed to optimise the adrenal system and support better general function as well as reducing stress response. It helps maintain healthy cortisol levels.

Animal Cuts

Is a fat burner product however contains Cortisol Inhibiting Complex which keeps cortisol levels under control.


Protein will help in muscle growth. It will also help with recovery. The less stress the body is under (focusing on muscle soreness), the better quality of testosterone you will produce.

We stock a variety of 'Protein Powders'.

The top protein powders we currently stock are...

Health & Wellbeing

Your overall general health and wellbeing is crucial for healthy testosterone levels. Maintaining good health and little stress will help keep your body functioning and ensure all your hormones are balanced.

Here are some of our top health products (including Vitamin D!)

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