Top 5 Best Fat Burners 2017

Looking to make 2017 your big transformational year? The crew at have developed the ultimate list for the Top 5 Best Fat Burners 2017. Helping you make 2017 your best year to yet!

Trojan Horse - Blackstone Labs

Trojan Horse from Blackstone is one of the most innovative thermogenic products we have seen! This is a complete non-stimulant based thermogenic making it great to stack with literally anything.

If you want to kick your body into overdrive and turn up the heat on your fat burning goals then Trojan Horse is a great choice!

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ACTV8 Shred - Hybrid Nutrition

When it comes to feel effects, ACTV8 Shred stands apart from the crowd. Combining a comprehensive blend of feel good Ingredients alongside a great does of sustained release caffeine.

This results in a great long-lasting smooth energy and focus that is great for both training and enhancing work flow.

Combine these great feel effects with efficacious dosages of proven thermogenic ingredients and you have a great fat burner on your hands.

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Double Tap - Redcon1

Double Tap is the newest product to the Top 5 Best Fat Burners 2017 list. Combining great energy and euphoric feel effects alongside a big dose of Acetyl L-Carnitine makes for a great new thermogenic product.

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Oxyshred - EHP Labs

Oxyshred has long been one of the best thermogenic products on the market. And in 2017 it's no different.

Oxyshred combines a whole host of clinically dosed thermogenic ingredients with a low stimulant blend.

This makes Oxyshred a perfect well rounded fat burner. That is great for beginners all the way to the most experienced shredders.

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Cobra 6 Extreme - Blackstone Labs

If you want a thermogenic product that gives all the high energy aspects of a pre workout while helping you burn fat, Cobra 6 is what your after!

High energy and innovative ingredients is a perfect choice for those looking to seriously amp up their fat burning efforts this year.

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That's it! Thats our Top 5 Best Fat Burners 2017 list!

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