Top 5 Best Pre Workouts 2014

In this article and video we are going to cover the best pre workout supplements of 2014. This is not necessarily the top selling or best value, just our personal favourites. These are the ones we’ll go for and keep in the cupboard for when we head to the gym.

In no particular order here we go.

1. Platinum Labs Defcon 1

Hard to deny this is a damn fine product. Energy,focus,happy feelings,pumps and clinically dosed performance ingredients make this one of the all time great pre-workout supplements. Every workout is a 10/10 when you take this product. Value is on point,favours are great and 1 serve is plentiful every single time.

2.Hybrid Nutrition PreAMP

Focus king,crazy energy,great performance and value for days. Packing 40 serves this edges out it’s rivals on value and also has by far and away the best taste of any pre-workout we’ve tried to date. Clean energy,great workouts and consistent performance make this a real strong contender and great go-to pre workout.

3.MTS Nutrition Clash

Clinically dosed creatine,beta-alanine and agmatine sulfate make the base of a great pre-workout. Add 250mg of caffeine,the boom blend and tyrosine and you have the best dosed pre-workout on the market. Marc Lobilner makes a fine product and MTS Clash is one of his best. When you take this product you feel every single milligram doing its thing and it’s extremely effective. Even half a serve of this works wonders and the flavours are also very good. Being so well dosed the value isn’t quite as good as the others with just 20 serves but they some seriously loaded serves!

4. Blackstone Labs Angel Dust

Seatbelt required for this one! This is without doubt the craziest one of the bunch but it a fun ride. Loaded with caffeine and AMP citrate this provides boundless energy and mental focus to crush even the hardest of workouts.

This is not just a big stim hit however with ample dosing of beta-alanine,creatine and taurine to have you performing to match the energy from the product. Not for the faint hearted!

5. iForce Nutrition Hemavol

By far the tamest,and oldest of the selection here, but Hemavol holds a real sweet spot for us. This is a very versatile pre-workout supplement. It can be taken on its own or stacked with any other product for crazy pumps. Flavour range is huge,value is good and performance is excellent.

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