Top 5 Best Protein Powders 2016

Need a new protein powder but don't know what to pick?

The team at Spartansuppz has you covered! With our comprehensive list of the Top 5 Best Protein Powders 2016!

Breaking down some of the most popular products and giving you insight into what is the best product. Taking into account; flavour, price, mix-ability and protein percentage.

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Top 5 Best Protein Powders 2016

Here's the Top 5 Best Protein Powders 2016 list!

1. UPS - ISO85+.

ISO85+ from UPS is one of the leanest Isolates on the market. Offering 86% protein, next to no carbs, fats or lactose, ISO85 is the perfect post workout choice.

What separates ISO85 from the other isolates on the market, is the flavour. By far the flavours from UPS have to be some of the best in the industry.

2. MTS Nutrition - Machine Whey.

When it comes to quality and flavour, MTS Nutrition Machine Whey is unmatchable. Machine whey is a blend of Isolate & Concentrate protein, making it ideal for multiple uses per day.

Anyone who has tried MTS Machine Whey before knows that it is hands down the best blended protein on the market.

3. RIVALUS - Rival Whey.

Rival Whey from Rivalus is one of the higher quality protein blends on the market. The key standout for Rival Whey is that uses whey protein isolate as it's primary protein source.

This means it yields a higher protein percentage and will be quicker absorbing. Making it a more ideal post training supplement.

4. BSN - Syntha-6 Edge.

Sytha-6 Edge is the flashy younger brother of the original Syntha-6. Yielding half the carbs and fats. While retaining the high quality sustained protein release and delicious flavours we have come to expect from BSN.

5. EHP - Labs Oxywhey.

Oxywhey from EHP Labs is a clean & lean protein ideal for post training and throughout the day. Oxywhey offers a high protein content with minimal carbs and fats. Also adding in some healthy MCT oils too boost metabolism.

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