Top 5 Diet Myths 2019

In the health and fitness world, there is always some crazy new dieting myth just around the corner. And as we get settled into 2019, it's time to debunk some of the big ones to circulate this year, here's our Top 5 Diet Myths 2019!

Top 5 Diet Myths 2019

#1 - Only Eating Chicken & Broccoli.

Talk about a boring diet, there's a massive push in the fitness industry about the '7 Foods that Work'. Chicken and Broccoli are the staples of so many clean eaters worldwide. However, one of the biggest myths is that this is all you can eat! Not true what-so-ever!

Limiting yourself to such a small variance of foods is setting yourself up for failure. The reason for this is that is not sustainable, making you likely to quit within the first month.

Expand your diet, eat foods you enjoy, just make sure that they aren't putting you into a caloric surplus.

#2 - Eating Fat Makes You Fat.

False! Everyone needs a mixture of fats in our diet, fats are super important for cell health, cognitive function and supporting healthy hormone levels!

In fact, in anything, cutting out fats to a drastically low level could even result to weight gain!

#3 - Only Eat Brown Rice/Wholemeal Pasta.

While complex carbs like wholemeal pasta and brown rice are great for overall general health as they are high fibre and offer a great nutritional balance. They are not crucial for weight loss!

If you prefer to eat white rice over brown rice, go for it! But remember, carbohydrates are are fuel for your body, so for best utilisation, get then in around training to maximise your performance!

#4 - Performing 1 hour+ Cardio Per Day.

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio! If you are not doing at least one hours worth of cardio a day you will not lose weight! False!

Once again, while cardio is very beneficial for cardiovascular health, it's not essential for weight loss. The important thing is that you stay in a slight caloric deficit, so whether that's created by cardio, or simply consuming fewer calories it doesn't matter!

#5 - Detox your Body with Cleanses.

Without a doubt, this is the biggest fad on our Top 5 Diet Myths 2018 list! To put it simply, detox's aren't a thing. Your body is incredibly fictional at flushing out toxins and waste and has been doing it for thousands of years.

The only thing a detox tea or 'tea-tox' will cleanse unfortunately is your wallet.

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