Top 5 Dieting Mistakes

When it comes to dieting there is a lot of room for mistakes. Especially when you read Bro Science related articles claiming that there is only one way to drop that weight or that there is a new superfood that will drop 5kg in one week.

The team at Spartansuppz has set out to clear the air on the topic of dieting and reveal the 'Top 5 Dieting Mistakes'.

1. You Must Do 2 Hours of Cardio Per Day.

This is by far the most common dieting myth you hear people talking about. "I'm doing 2 hours of cardio every morning but I still can't lose weight!". While cardiovascular exercise is a great addition to a diet plan and has abundant health benefits, when we are looking specifically at losing weight we have to calculate caloric input vs caloric output.

Meaning that while doing cardiovascular exercise can be great, if you are still eating that much food that your are still in a surplus of calories at the end of the day then you will not lose weight.

In-addition, if you are eating so few calories such as <1000, than performing excessive amounts of calories can be detrimental to your metabolism. And your body can basically shut down it's weight loss process in order to protect itself.

2. No Carbs After Dark.

Not eating carbohydrates after 6pm is another top dieting mistake. For so long 'fitness experts' have preached that any carb eaten after 6pm precisely will lead to weight gain. However thankfully we are blessed with common sense and we can see that this simply isn't true.

Could those carbohydrates be consumed at a more appropriate time? Yes absolutely, such as pre & post training. However eating some carbs after dark won't make you fat. Eating more calories than you need will make you fat.

3. Fat is the Devil.

Another popular myth is that in order to lose fat you must remove fat from your diet completely! This couldn't be further from the truth! While there are bad fats that we should avoid such as Trans fats, and fats we should limit such as saturated fats. There are plenty of good fat sources such as Monounsaturated & Polyunsaturated fats which have a whole host of health benefits, including aiding weight loss!

4. Failing To Plan Ahead.

When it comes to a successful diet, planning is key. Fail to prepare & prepare to fail!

Planning comes in all shapes & forms when dieting. Whether its planning ahead when preparing your meals. Or planing ahead to make sure you are able to hit the gym each day! You want to make your diet as stress free as possible. Planing ahead can make it that way!

5. Cutting Calories too Low too Fast.

Keeping a close eye on your macronutrients and calories when dieting is a great idea, especially if your new to dieting. Just because Phil Heath doesn't weigh out his chicken to the gram doesn't mean you don't have to.

So when it comes to reducing your calories, you want to make small reductions over a sustainable long period of time. For example, if you require 2500 calories to maintain your weight and then you immediately drop that by 1000 so you are consuming 1500 calories each day sure you will lose weight for maybe 3-4 weeks but pretty soon your metabolism will adjust. Leaving you with only 1500 calories in the bank, from here you sure can't drop another 1000 and only consume 500 per day leaving you with limited options to sustain your weight loss.

As you can see, big calorie drops are never a great idea. A more sustainable approach is by making a very minimal caloric deficit, no greater than 300 calories. From here you can maintain weight loss and then adjust your deficit when you plateau, or add in another form of caloric expenditure like an additional training session.

This is by far a smarter approach to weight loss as it allows you to sustainably lose weight over a longer period while sparing the risk of metabolic or hormonal damage.

Thats it! Spartansuppz Top 5 Dieting Mistakes that you need to avoid!

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