Top 5 Fat Burners

Hybrid Nutrition - Actv8 Shred
This happens to be one of the most popular fat burners and it's extremely popular for a good reason. It has a great dose of Acetyl L - Carnitine which acts as a very potent fat metabolizer. It's a good energy booster with 2 types of caffeine which provides you with that fast and slow release energy. We have got some Synephrine in there which acts as a great mood enhancer and a good thermogenic and it has a clinical dose of Forskolin and this is going to actually help raise your metabolic rate and waste more calories as an energy source. It's very comprehensive and gives you a real feel good energy for a number of hours. It comes in 3 delicious flavours and it's also in 60 serves which gives you great value for money as well.

Available flavours - Orange Pineapple, Peach Mango, Raspberry Lemonade
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EHP Labs - Oxyshred
This is without the doubt the most popular fat burner in this list, it's been around for a long time. The formula has stayed pretty much the same because you don't change a good formula and it's relatively low on stimulant's only 150mg of caffeine. This amount of caffeine is definitely not going to blow your head off, it's clean and very well put together rounded thermogenic fat burner. It's got good fat metaboliser's, good metabolic boosters, great energy boost and that good degree of mental focus in there. It come's in 6 flavours, it's got 60 serves and it is suitable to take once or twice per day. This allow's you to use it as your morning pick up or you can use it as a low energy, fat burning pre workout as well. Crazy popular and it's very easy to see why.

Available flavours -
Pink Grapefruit, Wild Melon, Guava Paradise, Kiwi Strawberry, Passionfruit, Mango
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Double Tap - Redcon1
This is a very popular product as well, it is custom formulated for the Australian market by Redcon1 as well and it's taken off as a really popular product worldwide. There is 40 serves in every container and every single scoop unlocks a feel good, fat burning energy. It has a blend of 2 types of caffeine with an even split between Caffeine Anhydrous and Di-Caffeine Malate (Infinergy) this gives you a very clean energy source and this gives you a clean, focused energy for a number of hours. You've also got a new ingredient in here called Cocoteanal and not only is it a powerful thermogenic but it gives you a real feel-good sense of wellbeing. So when you're in a real feel-good mood, with lots of clean energy, you don't tend to associate that with eating. It also doe's give you that little bit of extra motivation to do more work in the gym or in your cardio session. In addition to that in the new formula, you will find yourself a nice dose of Naringin which is a patterned form of Synephrine which helps to boost your metabolic rate. So we have got a great well-rounded fat burner, with great flavours and something you can take up to twice a day
Available flavours -
Strawberry Mango, Pineapple
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Insane Labz - Insane Cutz
This is a very high energy, it's a bit simplistic but it's a pure thermogenic. So it's designed to dramatically elevate energy levels and to boost your metabolism and allow yourself to do more work. It is actually one of the few fat burners which are actually designed for increased performance output. This is a product which is designed to throw fuel on the fire and allow yourself to do more work, it works fantastically as a fat burning pre-workout option and it's something you can take before training or before cardio. Energy and motivation on this product will be absolutely no problem on this product, it come's in 2 flavours and they taste absolutely amazing and if your looking for a fat burning which is going to give you a very strong energy kick this is your product.

Available flavours -
Cotton Candy, Smashing Apple
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Bodyscience - Hydroxyburn Shred
On the other side of Insane Cutz, this is a lower energy product, it hasn't got a crazy amount of caffeine but it is a very well rounded product. It has got a big dose of Acetyl L-Carnitine and it also has got a nice dose of Hydroxycitric acid as well which is going to help free up fatty acids and transport them to be used as an energy source. The flavours are fantastic and the product has 60 serves and provides the best value for money of any product in this list. This product is something you can definitely have twice a day, you can have a scoop in the morning as your pick me up if your doing fasted cardio or you can take another scoop in the afternoon without being too over stimulated and getting the jitters. Hydroxyburn Shred is very well rounded and very effective and great value for money.

Available in flavours - Blue Lemonade, Bubble Gum, Orange Sherbet, Super Berry, Lemon Lime, Watermelon.
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