Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements 2018 Part One Edition

Killer Labz - Terminator Test
This product helps to elevate testosterone and helps to and also keeps estrogen in check and acts as an inhibitor to create a dry look in addition to that you get a good dose of Vitamin D to help improve mood and energy levels and there is also zinc in there to increase natural testosterone and it is a little aphrodisiac blend elevate sex drive which isn't a bad bonus in there. It offers really good value for money as well.

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Primeval Labs - Primavar
It is a very simplistic ingredient, it is pure Laxogenin and the dose is huge with 125mg per serve and there is 60 serves per bottle. Laxogenin is excellent for controlling Estrogen a little bit but is primarily great for boosting muscle protein synthesis which is the amount of protein which you can turn back into muscle tissue and it's excellent for strength and it works great as a recomposition agent and its non-hormonal and you can take it for a long period of time and it's suitable for guys and girls and you can pretty much stack it with anything. So you can use it for a long period of time and take one capsule per day and will absolutely enhance your muscle building capacity and especially if you stack that with a test booster like Terminator Test.

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Primeval Labs - Neanderthal
And it's got a massive dose of Vitamin D in there which is going to get you feeling good and support your natural testosterone levels in addition to that we have really got a laundry list of the most proven ingredients when it comes to improving your testosterone. There is D-Aspartic Acid and there is that DIM in there which acts as a natural aromatase and also great estrogen modulators. This is an extremely complete product, test boosters, anti-estrogen ingredients, estrogen modulators to help elevate the good effects of estrogen and dimish the bad ones. It's a powdered product and actually tastes really good, and considering how comprehensive the formula is and when you take into account what is in it is stellar.

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This is a very cool ingredient with a single ingredient called Phosphatidic Acid and activates a pathway called mTOR. mTOR is your muscle building pathway, it is a non-hormonal product and it doesn't mess with your testosterone and estrogen level. This product is suitable for drug testing athletes and you are able to use this for a long period of time and it's going to allow yourself to have elevated strength and elevated muscle building pathway and recovery pathways. This product is really going to jack up your strength and then lead to increased muscle mass over time. This can be stacked with any other products and it is an excellent product for both guys and girls to use.

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Primeval Labs - Erosion
This is an updated formula and it is very comprehensive Calcium D-Glucarate which helps as a potent natural testosterone booster and it has also been proven to dramatically reduce estrogen. There is Longjack in here which is a powerhouse ingredient which jacks up testosterone levels and does help to keep estrogen in check. Another stand out ingredient of the product is DIM, this is going to help control cortisol levels and be a great estrogen modulator. So it's going to help keep your overall estrogen levels down lower but also helps to enhance the good effects of estrogen and diminish the bad ones such as water retention, mood swings and excessive fat gain. This combination of these ingredients acts very synergistically and helps to elevate total testosterone, increase free testosterone, decrease estrogen and modulate estrogen for a complete muscle building product. It is very suitable for both guys and girls and can be suitable for taking up to 6 weeks and it does stack very well with pretty much any other compound such as Primavar to make a very complete and good stack.

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