Top 5 Pre-Workouts 2016

Looking for a new pre-workout supplement? Then you're in the right place as we bring you the top 5 pre-workouts 2016.

This is our crews personal top 5 picks of complete pre-workout supplements.

Not the best sellers necessarily or even the most popular but the products we would choose to fuel our own workouts.

Blackstone Labs Dust V2

This has been the top selling pre-workout supplement on the market for quite some time for good reason.

It provides a bit of everything and really comprises all the elements you would look for in a complete pre-workout product.

Clean energy,great focus,proven doses of performance boosters,good pumps,excellent repeat performance and huge range of flavours.

With this winning formula it's no surprise this product has developed such a huge following and set itself as number one on the list.

The real standout of this product for me personally isn't just the effect but the repeat performance of the effects. So many products have diminishing returns which is certainly not the case with Dust V2.

Primeval Labs Adrenal Rush V2

A relative new comer to the Australia market Primeval remind me of a lot of an earlier Blackstone Labs. Fully transparent labelling across all their products this offers a simple yet impressive formula.

The stimulant blend in this one is very potent and would get even the harshest critics ready to kill it in the gym.

You also get a clinical dose of beta-alanine and a monster hit of agmatine sulfate for great pumps & performance increases.

For a harder hitting stimulant Adrenal Rush is real winner.

Redcon1 Total War

New kids on the block Redcon1 have been making a real impact on the supplement market since their launch just a couple of short months ago.

Total War uses clinically dosed performance boosting ingredients beta-alanine and citrulline malate. It's rare to see both of these together in effective doses but it doesn't stop there with this product.

Strong energy,a feel good focus blend and amazing pumps are all on the cards with this product.

Although only new to market it's not hard to see why this product has received such rave reviews already. I expect this will become one of the countries top selling products.

Musclesport Rhino Black

Another new brand to Australia this is a very complete pre-workout supplement.

High doses of l-citrulline and beta-alanine make for a very effective performance boosting blend. It also features high dosed creatine magnapower and betaine anhydrous.

Comprehensive pump matrix and a multi-stage stimulant blend make this one of the most complete formulas on the market today.

Rhino Black is a very high energy product with 400mg caffeine alone so we'd recommend starting out with half a serve at first.

Body War Pre War

Another product that's hard not to be impressed with. Proven doses of beta-alanine,creatine hcl & agmatine sulfate make this a very complete product. Good balance of proven performance boosters,great stimulants and effective pump compounds.

With 32 serves in a container so you also get great value for money with Pre War.

Body War also utilise unique flavours such as green apple,fairy floss and pineapple bubblegum. Although flavour might not seem super important it's certainly a bonus.

That's wraps up our top 5 pre-workouts for the 2nd half of 2016. If you were to call,email or drop into one of the retail stores these are the products we'd recommend.

There's a ton of pre-workouts on the market so sifting through them to find the right one for you can be a real challenge. This list provides a short-cut guide to avoid some of the pit to get a product that suits your needs.

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