Top 5 Pre-Workouts 2018 (Stimulant)

Total War -

This is without a doubt the most popular product in the category and its easy to see why, it has got an amazing profile it has got clinical doses of Beta-Alanine, Agmatine and L-Citrulline so your getting amazing pumps and performance. The energy blend is fantastic, there are 2 types of caffeine in this product. Starting off with some Narrogin to give you a really good sense of well-being and some new ingredients, such as Ampi-berry and Cocoteanol. These provide a really clean and focused sort of energy and you don't build up a tolerance to the ingredients as well. Its new, it's improved and with some amazing flavours and there is always new great flavours coming out and it is easy to see why this is shot to be an absolute superstar product and extremely popular as well.

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Psychotic -
This is without a doubt one of the highest energy level products in the category, this is a very very potent product with some amazing flavours which hits really hard if you're looking for a very hard energy hitting high energy product. Psychotic has 400mg of caffeine, it's also got Ampi-berries and Cocoteanol as well which are going to boost up the effectiveness of the stimulants in here and give you an amazing effect consistently every single time. It has 35 serves instead of the standard 30 serve which makes it better value for money than your standard pre-workout and the flavours are amazing and you're going to look forward to training on this every single time.

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This is not the same as the US product but we feel that it is even better it has a great performance boosting blend with 4 grams of L-Citrulline, 3.2 grams of Beta-Alanine, 2.5 grams Betaine Anhydrous. This provides a complete performance boosting benefits such as pumps, endurance and excellent muscle power also. In addition to that, you have a very clean energy and stimulant blend, you've got some Eria Jaresnsis, L-Theanine and a little bit of Synephrine hcl in there as well. When you take this product it hits hard and feels amazing. This is probably one of the most euphoric, sense of wellbeing products on the market and you have amazing workouts every single time, the flavours are a dramatic improvement over the US formula which wasn't too great, to be honest. But this is a real powerhouse pre-workout. With one of the most comprehensive pre-workouts, that offers something for everyone.

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This is a star product, which everyone seems to come back to. The energy isn't absolutely crazy, but you get clinically dose Beta-Alanine with 3.2 grams. Great focus, great sense of wellbeing and you get a very good workout every time you take it. And its got a huge range of flavours, with great value for money and the workouts on this, are consistent every single time. This is one of these products that everyone comes back to every single time, they try Kraken they come back to this, they try Charged AF they come back to this. It is still one of the most popular pre-workouts around, it's easy to see why it's very consistent.

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This has become a very popular pre-workout and it has a good balance as well, it has 3.2 grams of Beta-Alanine, you've also got a good dose of Hydromax L-Glycerol so some real powerhouse performance-boosting ingredients and what we do like about this product is that it is a lower caffeine product. The caffeine is only 100mg per scoop, which isn't anything crazy but it does have some Teacrine in there as well which is going to boost up the effectiveness and it's an ingredient which you won't build up a tolerance to aswell. So its a one or two scoops so a 20 or 40 serving tub. This makes it very versatile in that you can tailor your consumption to your workout. So one scoop for smaller body parts and two scoops for bigger body parts. The caffeine content isn't crazy so you get a clean focused workout every time and they do some amazing flavours, such as rainbow candy, sex on the beach and so on and they are some absolutely amazing flavours.

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