Top 5 Pre Workouts (Non-Stimulant)

Primeval Labs Mega Pre -
This is a real breakthrough product, it's probably one of the complete products around and its real sort of upped the anti in reference to non-stimulant products. There is such a high-quality list of ingredients such as L-Citrulline, you've got increased muscle power with the Betaine, you've got a very cool ingredient in there in the form of Vaso-Drive. Nootropics for mental focus and is a complete product without the stimulants. So it's everything you need to perform, recover and get some amazing pumps as well. What I like about this product is that it's not just a pump product, it's also a performance driven product as well. You can use 1 or 2 scoops and it tastes fantastic and it can stack well with any stimulant based product as well.

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Steel Supplements Pump AF -
It is a relatively simple product but does use very high-quality ingredients, Hydromax and Glycerol, Kre-Alkalyn Creatine and you've got some Beta-Valgaris to help with the nitrates and you've got a big dose of Agmatine Sulfate as well so its a very simplistic formula but all of the ingredients are sourced to the highest degree and are also in very high doses. Adding the creatine, not only helps as a cell volumizer but also helps to increase muscle power and gives you a very good performance element as well and happens to stack fantastically with Charged AF.

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Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme -
Now, this is a very innovative product as well, it provides a very high dose of Hydro Max Glycerol and uses something called Sodium Nitrates. This is what really sets this product apart from other products in the category. Nitrates are a super concentrated ingredient that works on a different pathway to ingredients like L-Citrulline they work much more effectively and very efficiently as well. They have also got a really effective tri-blend of Nootropics in this as well. So you get excellent mental focus, also great concentration and the ingredients in there also help to increase the strength in muscle contractions as well so it creates a nice zoned in sort of clarity when you train. The flavours are good and it works very well with Dust v2 or any other stimulant pre-workout.

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Merica Labz - Stars N' Pipes
This is a very simple product, you have a mega-dose of L-Citrulline and some Hydromax L-Glycerol. It's not a very complex product but however, the dose of the ingredients are ridiculous to the extent that you might even want to start with having half to 2/3rds of a scoop not because of obviously not the stimulant but because it's just too much of a good thing. The pumps are disgustingly strong, you get that very thick swollen effect. With that mega-dose of Hydro-max, you get a very swollen hydrated muscle. The pumps will last for a long period of time and this does indeed stack well with pretty much everything. The flavours are good and when you equate with whats actually in the serve, the value for money is actually quite good as well.

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Sparta Nutrition - Kraken Pump
So with Sparta you do a 40 or 20 or 1 to 2 scoop staggering to tailor your doses quite easily so that you can get exactly the amount that you need again these high-quality nutrients as Hydromax Glycerol, Beta Vulgaris and Nitrosigine aswell which helps promote the re-circulation of blood flow , this creates a very comprehensive and synergistic formula which really helps to get the overall dramatic effect of the pumps which last for a very long time. The flavours are fantastic and Sparta also does a non-flavoured aswell. You can have it on its own as it does have a mild sweetener in it but it has been designed for stacking, so if you do have a product which you do really like the flavour and you don't won't the flavours to clash. Unflavoured is a very good stacking item and with 40 serves at 69.95 the value for money is pretty damn good as well.

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