Top 5 Protein Sources for Muscle Gain

Protein, the Holy Grail for bodybuilders. Protein is the most crucial macronutrient for individuals looking to gain muscle, decrease body fat and gain strength in the gym.

Protein, or more specifically the amino acids it is comprised of are responsible for numerous important functions within the body. Most notably, we recognise it for its role in increasing recovery and the repair and growth of skeletal tissue.

However, a lot of people in todays society often do note meet their RDI of protein through diet, leading to fatigue, poor recovery and muscle catabolism.

If you are an individual performing regular exercise, whether thats a scheduled sport, resistance training or a form of cardio such as running, you will need to incorporate more protein to your diet to aide the recovery process.

Typically, a goal between 1.5-2.5g of protein per kg is a good choice. This will ensure that you are feeding your body the right nutrients it needs to help recover and prepare for further training.

A couple of examples of how this amount of protein would look for different individuals would look like this: A 100kg male should aim to get their protein intake between 150-250g per day. Where as a 60kg male may only require up to 180g protein per day.

However, if you feel your recovery is not sufficient at a lower amount, increase it, particularly around training.

So, now that we have the figures out of the way, what are our Top 5 Protein Sources for Muscle Gain?

Watch the video on our Top 5 Protein for Muscle Gain Sources below!

Top 5 Protein Sources for Muscle Gain

As you can see from our video, we ranked our Top 5 Protein Sources for Muscle Gain as follows.

1. Chicken Breast: A great lean meat which yields a high protein source at a cost effective price.

2. Lean Beef: Lean beef is a great protein source, not only does it have a high protein percentage and come in many cuts. But it also contains high levels of iron and creatine, which are both essential for performance.

3. Eggs: Whether it be egg whites or whole eggs, eggs are king! There is a good reason why Arnold used to eat them every day, eggs are considered the perfect protein, in that they contain all 21 proteinogenic amino acids.

4. Kangaroo: This one is probably easier to consume for our Aussie readers. But Kangaroo is an incredibly lean protein source, and very high in iron. Kangaroo is interchangeable for other lean sources like venison and other lean game meats.

5. Whey Protein: Whey is a great source of protein to supplement with when you are not getting enough protein in through your current diet. Whey's can vary from roughly 60 up to 95% protein per serving, typically a quality Isolate (WPI) is going to be your best source.

Not only that but Whey is also yields a great bioavailability within your body. Meaning that your body can fully uptake the majority of the protein without wastage. Much higher than other supplement sources such as pea, brown rice or soy.

What would you put in your list of Top 5 Protein Sources for Muscle Gain?

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